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Binding Know How with Byannie and Freespirit Fabrics

I think the binding is the part of Byannie bag making that everyone gets a little worried about achieving perfectly. In this tutorial Annie takes you through every step to creating the perfect binding in your project. I certainly learnt a lot of tips and I remember the first time I did a binding in a bag I thought I didn’t need to use the Stiletto. Well I am here to tell you that without the Stiletto attaching the binding is much more difficult. So give it a go and with Annie,s help you too will have successful bindings.

Posted by FreeSpirit Fabrics on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Zippers are Easy with Byannie and Freespirit

Annie has covered everything you need to know about zippers in this informative live Facebook with Sharon from Freespirit Fabrics. It is definitely worth watching as there are so many tips about sewing zippers in Byannie projects. You will never be put off by having to sew a zipper in a bag again. Learn why you should use  a bag zipper rather than a dress zipper for all Byannie projects and how to create different size zippers and add pulls. Thanks to Freespirit fabrics and Byannie for this great tutorial.

by Annie Zippers are Easy!

Posted by FreeSpirit Fabrics on Thursday, 7 May 2020

ByAnnie and Freespirit Colourful Co-ordinates

This is a fantastic Facebook live from Byannie and Freespirit Fabrics. Annie has so many great tips about choosing mesh and zippers to make your projects extra special. I particularly liked the tip about how to choose the mesh. Annie suggests that you open it out so you are only seeing one layer of mesh which makes such a difference when you hold it over the fabric. Another great tip was also about getting your Soft and Stable pre quilted with a longarm quilter. Such a time saver and you can get started straight up with the fun part of creating your bag. Thanks again Freespirit for this fantastic series. Next week Annie talks about how easy it is to insert a zipper.

Week 2 byAnnie Colorful Coordinates

Posted by FreeSpirit Fabrics on Thursday, 30 April 2020

Inspired by Byannie and Freespirit Trunk show

Check out this inspiring facebook live post from Byannie and Freespirit. So many great projects to make using Freespirit fabrics and Byannie patterns. Looking for something to do while at home? Choose one of these fun projects for organising your sewing or home décor. I love the Freespirit Tula Pink Homemade collection and Annie has made some gorgeous projects using these fabrics.

Watch this spot next week for more ‘how to’ from Byannie and Freespirit.