Applique to Go

Applique projects make a perfect project when traveling — they are easy to transport and don’t require a sewing machine. You will love this handy set for carrying your blocks and supplies, including a huge assortment of thread, in a compact, easy-to-pack group.

The Thread Case will hold Bobbin Savers filled with pre-wound bobbins in assorted colours. What a great way to have lots of thread colours at your fingertips! The handy little Scissors Holder keeps your applique scissors close at hand while protecting you from their very sharp points. The Project Roll begins with a cardboard mailing tube. Choose a size depending on the size blocks you usually make. We suggest 16″ to 24″. Place blocks on the flannel lining, then roll to keep blocks flat, clean, and ready to go. Attached ribbon ties hold things together. Your pattern and other supplies may be stored inside the cardboard tube.

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